Cheetos Makes Huge Fast Food Play

Who doesn’t love Cheetos? That orange dust on your fingers is synonymous with a good time. They’ve been around for decades and have even made their way into pop culture like when the toys from Toy Story had to navigate around a field of them in their second movie. Whether you’re talking about the puffs or the crunchy snacks and even the world loved, flamin hot variety you know you’ll finish the whole bag. But, Cheetos has decided to take it one step further and is now trying to feed you cheesy deliciousness even when you’re at a fast food place.

Just a few months ago Cheetos announced they were partnering up with Burger King to bring us their insane new creation, Mac N’ Cheetos. They describe it as “Mac n’ Cheetos™ are a hand-held new take on classic mac n’ cheese, perfect for snacking on the go. Mac n’ Cheetos™ are creamy mac n’ cheese covered with crispy Cheetos flavor and served warm.”


You had us at Mac N’ Cheetos. But, before you go out and hunt them down, they’re not available everywhere yet. They’ve been testing them out in certain markets but if you really want a piece, you should definitely go look for them at your Burger King.

If that wasn’t enough, Cheetos has also partnered up with Taco Bell. Taco Bell is always on the lookout for new ways to make them our midnight craving run. A few years ago they rolled out a Doritos taco that we couldn’t get enough of. Now they’re testing something even more crunchy, cheesy and incredible. They’ve answered our prayers with something called the “Cheetos stuffed burrito.” Basically, they’ve taken a burrito and crammed it as full of cheese as possible then shoved some crunchy Cheetos in there for good measure. It sounds like cheesy heaven.



Currently, they’re only test marketing it in Cincinnati, but if the sales are good then they’ll start to roll out the new creation. Even if you’re not in Cincinnati, you might be able to get your hands on one before the end of the year.