Company Claims They Invented a Cat to Human Translator

The human-cat relationship is a complex one. Many cultures have revered and treated cats basically like gods while the rest of us would just wish the strays would stay quiet. Though, many people still treat their cats like gods. While some people will say that they can have genuine conversations with their pets/partners, for the rest of us talking to cats is as futile as drying a car in the rain.

One company has claimed they invented the world’s first cat translator or more accurately “The world’s first talking cat collar.” How it’s supposed to work is the collar digitally analyzes whatever type of meow the cat makes and through a unique program it spits out the closest translation.

Now would be a good time to mention that Catterbox was created by an English AD agency so the technology might not be quite finished yet. Plus, when you go to Temptations Lab you find out that they’re basically owned by Temptations cat treats. That must mean it’s very serious and not at all a marketing ploy.

Even if they collar doesn’t actually translate the way you hoped it would when you first started reading it still seems like fun to own one. Some of the things and voices Catterbox has are just down right hilarious. If you know someone who is in love with their cats this might be a great gift to just sit back and enjoy, for you anyway.