Cubs Champions Again After 108 Years

After 7 long and amazing games, the Cubs have finally won the World Series. In an amazing upset deep into extra innings. They won the 7th game of the World Series 8-7 during the 10th inning which began on Weds night but carried into the early AM of Thursday. The miraculous game almost ended entirely differently when the Indians scored three runs in the eighth inning. The final inning was as immaculate as it was daring. Indian’s Michael Martinez hit shallow into the infield where it was picked up by third baseman Kris Bryant. The balls was thrown directly to first baseman Anthony Rizzo. The hang time of the ball was impossibly long as everyone in the stadium held their breath.

The ball flew through the air like a rocket. It wasn’t until the ball safely made its touch down squarely in Rizzo’s glove that everyone could breathe again. That was it, just that one throw and catch ended it all. Wrigley Field exploded in cheering. It is no small exaggeration to say that this was the happiest moment in Wrigley Field in a very long time. One fan held a sign: “Now I can die in peace.” Though the Cubs’ victory comes at the cost of the Indians’ defeat. They too haven’t won a World Series in a very long time. The last time they won a World Series was back in 1948 which is a far cry from the 108 year period the Cubs suffered. But, the Indians’ defeat means they suffered three consecutive losses.

But the long drought of the Cubs have been answered. Today, the entire city has been overrun with celebration. The parade has made it nearly impossible for the city to function. Tens of thousands of fans flood the streets to finally celebrate. The city estimates 5 million people will join the World Series celebration, that is roughly twice the entire population of the city on a normal day. Metra trains across their entire network faced serious delays and it is virtually impossible to drive anywhere. The parade was actually supposed to take place on Monday but because both players and Cubs management wanted to push up the date it was hurriedly moved up. Plus, people didn’t have to skip work or school since Friday was a planned day off anyway.

The city has also dyed the Chicago river blue in honor of the Cubs despite various organizations protesting like The Friends of the Chicago River saying it might have negative effects on aquatic life. The city dyes the river green every year for St. Patrick’s Day but that is using an environmentally friendly orange powder. Security has also been stepped up. The three other times the Cubs have made it to the World Series, similar precautions have been taken but has never been acted upon. Now that they actually won, all police officers are working 12 hour shifts and all vacations have been cancelled.

The mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel said, “It will be a parade that 108 years have waited for. It will be a parade and a celebration that all of Chicago for 108 years in their mind’s eye, have been envisioning. We’re going to make it a reality in the city of Chicago.”