Did The Walking Dead Make a Mistake? SPOILERS AND LEAKED VIDEO


The obsessed fans of The Walking Dead were sent reeling after Sunday’s Season 7 premiere. The cliffhanger from season 6 was a heavy one which promised the death of one of the close knit group that we have all learned to love. It was difficult and seemed random but the internet began searching for even the slightest hints that their favorite character wasn’t the one on the chopping block.

Of course the show makers knew that whomever was killed, it would be a difficult secret to keep. So they decided to film some alternate endings. That’s right, Abraham and Glenn didn’t have to die. Any of them could have died in their place and thus spared arguably the second oldest character, Glenn. While most of the group had a special scene filmed just for them the one that went viral and the one that most people thought to be true was Maggie’s death scene.

Various people decided that her death was the most logical in terms of shock value as well as strategic death for the most compelling story. As much of the internet loves to point out, if you’ve read the comic books you already know that Negan kills Glenn in a horrific bloodbath with his bat Lucille (the name of his deceased wife). So for those that like to read ahead, Glenn’s death comes more as a sad prophecy fulfilled than shock.

The premiere of season 7 hit 17 million viewers which ties with the show’s previous record. The overwhelming support means season 8 has already been confirmed by AMC. As many of you diehard fans already know, the show has diverged from the comic books in a variety of ways. Some characters died differently and some characters didn’t die at all when they were supposed to. Meaning to keep in line with the overall storyline of the comic books those characters are just living on borrowed time. That means you can expect many more unexpected deaths in the season(s) to come.