Disney Reveals Pixar Movies are Connected

For years there have been countless theories floating online about Disney/Pixar movies and how they’re connected. One of the more thorough theories have been put forth by a man named Jon Negroni. He claims that all the Pixar movies actually take place in the same universe. How in the world does Cars fit in with Toy Story or Wall-E? You can go to his website (http://www.pixartheory.com/) for a very interesting theory but it basically boils down to magic and a lot of time. Many movies actually take place in the future with windows into the past.

Of course, Jon doesn’t just make things up for the sake of making things up, he shows his homework. Homework in the form of “easter eggs” that link various movies together. Pixar is pretty famous for leaving little bits of old or even future movies hidden in the background of their other movies. Well it seems like Disney has finally come clean and made a video themselves outlining dozens of easter eggs they’ve left in their movies over the years. It was posted to their Toy Story Facebook page.

Check it out for yourself here:

With Disney/Pixar revealing that their movies are in fact connected in some way, it does lend some credibility to theories like Jon Negroni’s. But it might still be a stretch to say that they’re all in the same universe. But if you’re a fan of Pixar movies, these theories are definitely worth looking into. Overall it’s quite clever if you ignore some of the stretches. But any reason to rewatch some of your favorite Pixar movies is a good thing. Maybe it’s time to binge watch a few movies while pouring over some of these easter eggs. See if you can spot them in the movies!