Google’s New Features Might Finally Dethrone the iPhone


Google just held their annual I/O conference where they revealed all their new latest tech. They have made massive strives in advancing their mobile OS Android N as well as other initiatives. They led off with a huge revamp of their OK Google assistant which is a direct competition against Siri. They claim to have made the interactions much more smooth with a particular focus on conversation. Instead of just accepting reprogrammed commands or spitting out formulaic responses, it is supposed to feel like a conversation with a human being. This is in response to Amazon’s Echo which is an advanced personal assistant that lives in separate device. In fact, Google also has a separate device called the Google Home which is very much like the Echo but it Google Assistant will also be available on any mobile device running Android N.


They also will include an integrated messaging app called Allo that will use Google Assistant and is capable of an incognito mode with end to end encryption. It can even lean how you speak/write and provide entire phrase suggestions so you don’t have to keep typing the same thing over and over. Google will also introduce Duo which is their version of Facetime. Duo has a “knock knock” mode where you can see the person video calling you before you even answer their call.

Google has also announced Daydream. This is their new virtual reality platform built on Android N. Which means many Android N devices will work with VR headsets and there will be specific VR devices for Daydream. Companies like Samsung, HTC, and Huawei will have Daydream ready devices out before the end of this year.


Perhaps news that only affects a small portion of users, Google has also revealed they will release Android Wear 2.0. The new revamp will let you display any app right on your android watch and has vast improvements across the board. For fitness people, what’s great about the new revamp is that apps can now talk to each other. Something that your nutrition app logged can actually affect your running app to allow for a more complete and healthy lifestyle instead of a bunch of random apps that you have to keep track of yourself.

Perhaps the biggest news of Google I/O is their announcement of Instant Apps. It’s exactly what it sounds like and it’s glorious. No longer will you need to waste data and battery downloading an app right to your phone. Google Instant Apps allows users to use apps and all their features without having to download them. It’s based off a technology that has shown to instantly load a webpage almost instantly. This is a huge announcement because they also announced that chromebooks will soon have full access to any and all Android apps found in the Playstore. They admit that it’s not perfect just yet but they expect to see a finished product very soon.

Instant Apps-650-80

When Android N is finally out and rolling on devices, it might start swaying some long time Apple users. Many users claim that they no longer see the innovation that the company once had. The latest iteration of iPhone designs have been largely the same only tweaking speed here and there. Apple stock and iPhone sales have plummeted to a surprising low. Is this the beginning of the end for Apple’s innovating days?