How to Celebrate International Bacon Day

Is it any wonder that pork is the world’s most popular meat? Aside from sausages and ribs pork makes delicious bacon. Those strips of heaven has even inspired its own day, usually the first monday of September but some people have started celebrating it in December too. Apparently Bacon is so good that it needs two days. But bacon can be costly, so how can you celebrate it and not end up broke? Here are some ideas that can get you that bacon fix that you’ll need.

1) Potlucks are always a great idea when you gather with people. This idea becomes genius when you make it a bacon potluck party. Invite some of your favorite bacon eating friends and get creative with some different recipes.

2) There are also bacon day celebration events happening all over the world. Even some businesses that aren’t all about bacon play up the hype. Here are just some of the biggest events happening in the US but there are definitely some events in your area if you just look for them.

San Diego Bacon Fest: This festival takes place from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 3 at Preble Field, NTC Park. Tickets cost $60, $100 for VIP. That may seem pricey, but you are entitled to unlimited samples of all the rare and exotic bacon-themed food and drink that the festival offers.
International Bacon Day Brunch: Sept. 3 at 11 a.m. at Coppertail Brewing Co. in Tampa, Florida. $30 gets you four courses of bacon-themed goodness, as well as bacon cocktails.
San Jose Bacon Festival of America: Sept. 3 at noon through Sept. 4 at 7 p.m., for just $9.99 online or $15 at the door, you can join in on the festivities for this fourth annual event.

3) What goes well with just about anything (other than bacon)? Alcohol. If you’ve got a bartender friend or are just adventurous you can try making some bacon cocktails. One of our favorite recipes is a bacon and egg cocktail. Just shake 1.5 ounces of bacon-infused gin, 1 ounce of fresh egg whites, 1.5 ounces of lemon juice and a half ounce of orange blossom honey syrup in a cocktail shaker, strain, serve over ice in a tall glass and, of course, garnish with a strip of bacon. There are hundreds more bacon inspired cocktail ideas too, just drink responsibly.

4) Businesses know that bacon can get expensive too. That’s why there are lots of deals for bacon going on all over the internet and in your local markets. All you have to do is look for coupons or deals from your most preferred place to shop. Chances are they’ll have some amazing deals. Here are just a few that we’ve found so far. Enter coupon code BACONWONDER at checkout for 20 percent off your entire purchase.
J&D’s Foods: Get 30 percent off Baconnaise until Oct. 10. No code needed.
J&D’s Foods: Take 11 percent off jalapeno bacon salt until Oct. 10. No code needed.

Whatever you end up doing just make sure you’re in the spirit. You can even do something simple like take bacon bits and sprinkle them on everything you eat that day. Don’t forget to thank the piggies all over the world for their important and delicious contribution!