iPhone 7 design leaked

Despite it’s lack of variety, Apple’s iPhones are immensely popular in almost all demographics. Since it’s inception they came out with innovation after innovation until it has become the streamlined beauty that it is today. It seemed like the gravy train of Apple would never stop chugging along but something new happened. Apple failed to meet the growth projections for the first time since the iPhone was released. While stocks are still strong, Apple took a hit in revenue when people realized that the latest iPhones just don’t have the innovation that previous models were famous for. Though this isn’t a new phenomenon, tech innovations in the mobile arena have come to a snail’s crawl across the board but if Apple wants to keep their crown as smartphone king, they’ll definitely need to step up their game.

Users were widely disappointed with the iPhone 6s and far less people upgraded to it than Apple predicted. If they hope to recapture their sheep fleeing to the more versatile Android they’ll need to really hit it out of the park with the iPhone 7. Or at least that’s what we thought until some leaked photos and specs came out about the iPhone 7. If the rumors are true, the overall design lines and even size of the iPhone 7 will be exactly the same as the iPhone 6s, which is largely similar to the iPhone 6 to begin with.

This leaked image indicates that the iPhone housing measures 138.30 x 67.12 mm, which is the same as the iPhone 6s. Though thickness isn’t shown, experts think it highly unlikely that it will be any thinner than the iPhone 6s is.

Based on the leaked image, you will immediately notice that what is different is the camera. The lens hole for the housing seems to be much larger than that of the current camera. This could indicate that Apple instead of redesigning something that already looks great is betting on people wanting hardware upgrades. With the hardware specs on the last couple iPhone models, most users wouldn’t even notice a hardware upgrade. But what users will notice is an upgrade in photo quality. The iPhone’s camera quality stopped being the top dog standard a few years ago, which in tech years was probably decades ago. Companies like Sony have been putting out superior cameras in almost every way which is why most high end smartphones now use Sony cameras. If Apple is trying to win back their photo crown to appease the social media obsessed user, they might have a winner on their hands.

Other rumors that are floating around with much less evidence is that the new iPhone will lack a headphone jack in an attempt to make the phone thinner. Another rumor from Asia is that the iPhone 7 Plus will feature dual camera lenses though based on the latest schematic that is less probable. Finally, another rumor indicates that the smart connector will now be placed in the back of the phone instead of the sides along the edges. With all the contradicting rumors, the one thing you can be sure of is Apple better bring their A game. If they don’t attract enough people to upgrade to the iPhone 7, financial experts predict that this may be the start of Apple’s inevitable downward spiral.