Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Phones Continue to Explode

Exploding Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phones still fresh on everyone’s minds, Samsung issued a massive recall and even replaced customer’s phones with replacements and temporary phones for free. In the meanwhile they sent out an update that limited the battery to 60% of their total battery capacity to prevent any more incidents. But of course stories still racked up about phones exploding. Some even set fires to homes and vehicles causing thousands of dollars in damages. Few unfortunate users and their children even had the bad luck to have the devices explode in their hands. There are more than a few injuries such as chemical burns, luckily none have been too serious.

Recently the replacement phones that have been promised by Samsung have begun to roll out. Customers started trading their old faulty phones or their temporary phones for the second batch of Note 7 devices. The entire process has been a nightmare for many customers. Many even complain that their order numbers do not match their phone numbers. Others have had problems trying to redeem their new phones. The biggest problem however, is the fact that the new phones continue to explode despite promises from Samsung that all issues have been solved.

There are at least 5 confirmed reports of new Note 7 devices exploding/melting down including one phone igniting right before a flight while they were boarding and another igniting while the owner slept despite not being plugged in. All this resulted in the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission initiating investigations into the various explosions. Samsung has said that they will halt production of the Note 7 and are recalling all remaining note 7 devices.

Wireless carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T aren’t taking any more chances. They have already suspended the sale and replacement/distribution of all second generation Note 7 devices until conditions have improved. T-Mobile is even letting all customers replace their existing devices for any other in the T-Mobile lineup. Financial and tech analysts say that Samsung can lose billions if they continue to produce devices just to fine tune and find the problem. They seem to think abandoning the device altogether is the best route. Samsung’s stock prices have already taken a hit and has already dropped 4.6%.