Serena Williams re-creates Beyoncé video: It Will Blow Your Mind.

While we might often see fan videos being produced by people from around the world it’s not too often that you see sports stars and superstars re-create their favorite music videos. This week Serena Williams had a little bit of fun with Vogue on their YouTube channel re-creating Beyoncé’s latest single 7/11 with a go pro tennis video.

Serena Williams is an absolute tennis superstar and it’s no wonder that her re-creation of the video went viral almost immediately. In this short clip we get to see her real comedic side and see some absolutely stunning footage of Williams having a lot of fun with Beyoncé’s song.


Even though Williams is set to be a future Hall of Famer tennis player and she has had international success around the world it seems as though she is just as big a Beyoncé fan girl as many of the biggest Beyoncé fans. In the time since this video was uploaded on Wednesday, March 25 it has reached well over 600,000 views and has been circling around the world and across social networks. It’s been shared on sports pages, viral music pages and by people all around the world.
Perhaps one of the best parts are the cookie monster pajamas that Williams sports early on in one of the scenes. Although we are often used to seeing her in tennis attire it is fun to see her sense of humor in this viral YouTube clip.

(Source YouTube)

It will be interesting to see if future sports stars decide to follow in William’s footsteps and re-create their own music videos in the coming weeks. Perhaps her sister Venus might even give it a try with another Beyoncé video?