If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you should seriously stop using it now. Samsung has encouraged all owners to turn off their phones immediately and go into a store to have it swapped out for another device. When the company who makes a massively expensive device tells every single person to get rid of it at their expense, you know something serious is going down. There have been multiple reports of Note 7 devices literally exploding in flames due to battery and charging issues. There are over 35 confirmed cases of such incidents.

Some of the more notable incidents include a man who was charging his device in his car when it exploded then set the vehicle on fire. Luckily he managed to get out of the vehicle and did not suffer any injuries. The Post also reported that a Note 7 actually exploded in a 6 year old boy’s hands after their parents ignored the recall. The boy suffered burns across his entire body and is now at home healing. Another report suspects that an exploding Note 7 was responsible for a house fire that almost burned down the entire residence.


This epidemic has gotten so bad that multiple airlines are verbally warning all passengers of their plans to turn off their phones entirely and stow them away in their luggage for the entire duration of their flights. Other airlines have banned the Note 7 entirely from their planes. Those that ignore those warnings may even have their phones confiscated or they themselves will be asked to disembark the flight.

But before you write off Samsung phones altogether, an internal investigation revealed that the weak point is most likely the battery. Samsung has already switched from their Chinese manufacturer to a new manufacturer. This is very disappointing for customers who had to shell out $850 for their phones. Currently, Samsung has offered all Note 7 users new alternative phones until the new batch of Note 7s (with different batteries) can be shipped out and swapped back for customers.