The Real Highlight of Super Bowl 51


For actual football fans, Super Bowl 51 was just full of surprises. Who doesn’t like a good underdog story? That’s what it appeared to be early on in the game and many people wrote off the game with a 21 then 25 point difference. But, Tom Brady rallied and had one of the most impressive comeback games in Super Bowl history with the first ever game to go into overtime; talk about stressful. For fans that aren’t as die hard or people who just enjoy the Super Bowl for the commercials and festivities, the highlight was definitely the halftime show.

Some say that the halftime shows have gone downhill but Lady Gaga definitely brought it back to a whole new level. As daring as ever she wanted to bring a new flavor to the show. Her show included 300 light up drones all moving in perfect sequence resulting in an amazing light show that accompanied a very emotional rendition of “Million Reasons.” The drone company that organized the show is the Shooting Star drone squad who just finished an amazing job at Disney World. They are the world record holders for most unmanned aerial vehicles airborne simultaneously with 500 drones in Sydney. Each drone is custom designed so you can get the most out of the 4 billion color combinations that they’re capable of.

Though the FAA specifically banned flying drones within 34.5 miles from the NRG Stadium on game day. How in the world did Intel (drone coordinator) pull off the magnificent drone flag with the ban in place? The answer is that they filmed the drones a week before the actual halftime show and integrated it perfectly with the performance performance.

Of course what really matters is Lady Gaga’s passionate performance. She has always been known for positive lyrics and an eccentric performance style and that was out in full for the halftime of Super Bowl 51. She pulled out some of the fan favorites like “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance” but really took the show was just the sheer amount of talent that was crammed in outside of the singing. Lady Gaga flew on wires, played the keytar, was in the middle of a pyrotechnic display and an intense light show that evoked so much emotion. Time magazine said “It was one of the best-executed live performances in recent memory.” Notice they didn’t say one of the best executed halftime shows, they meant live performances including all other live performances. High praise, and Lady Gaga definitely reminded us why she is called Mother Monster with an army of fierce fans.

Unfortunately the NFL has prevented embedding of the video but you can always watch it on youtube.

Here is a timelapse of the show. Almost 15 minutes of amazing showmanship condensed into a few seconds is amazing in it of itself.