8 Celebrities Who Are Hard To Work With

Every workplace has its own set of difficult people. You know, the people that seem to actually *enjoy* making life difficult for everyone else. In the world glitz and glamour it isn’t much different. And why should it be? Celebrities are — mostly– real people just like you and me. And that means they come in a wide range of temperaments… some good and some bad. But when a celebrity is difficult, like everything else they do, they do it on a grand scale. Here are eight stars who, according to insiders, are a nightmare to work with:

Christian Bale - His tirade against a crew member during the “Terminator Salvation” shoot is now legendary. According to one person’s count, he dropped the F-bomb a whopping 37 times in under 4 minutes. All because a hapless member of the crew walked into his sight-line during filming. Apparently this caused the actor to become distracted and he eventually launched into his rant. He even went so far as to threaten that if that same crew member was still around tomorrow he would not set foot on the set. Obviously this was designed to punish the crew member by having him fired. As for his crappy Batman voice, I think that was designed to punish the rest of us.