A Look Back At 2016 GOP Candidates That Weren’t Sexual Predators

Before Trump won the GOP nomination,before his fans became vicious, before he was revealed to be a sexual predator, and before the world found out just how dangerous of a man he is he was just one of many GOP candidates that could have run for president. Hindsight is 20/20 and knowing what we know now many of his former supporters would likely have voted another fine upstanding Republican as the GOP nomination. Now that we have a firm grasp of the present, let’s take a look back and see the worst traits in the other GOP candidates that didn’t make the cut and reminisce at the good ol’ times.

JEB BUSH: Perhaps the most likely candidate for presidency his biggest strength was also his biggest flaw. He had to constantly live under the shadow of not only his father but his brother, who were both former presidents. Of course that also means he will likely be blamed and associated with their failings forever. It didn’t help that he probably had the least energy of any politician, ever.
MARCO RUBIO: Another solid candidate, his political record is actually pretty good but the flamboyant candidate had a host of money management issues. On the bright side, they pale in comparison to Trump’s money management problems. He apparently also liked to drive fast, real fast. He and his wife had a few driving violations, but hey, who doesn’t?
TED CRUZ: The last hope for a presidential election that made any sense. He was the last hold out before being crushed and letting Trump run for the GOP nomination unimpeded. He might have succeeded too if he was just more likable. Most people seemed to think he came off as egotistical and a bit of a snob, no idea where they got that from.
JOHN KASICH: Not really a fan favorite, he seemed a bit too middle of the road politics wise and was viewed as a moderate Republican. Of course, that could be because he ran alongside Trump who is the most polarizing Republican ever. Without Trump the people might have realized that he wasn’t a moderate Republican at all.
BEN CARSON: In line to be the second black president of the USA, not as impressive, he touted his record as a very successful neurosurgeon. Like Trump he tried to bank on the fact that he is not a traditional politician and tried to use his intelligence as a case to be president. Too bad the public didn’t agree with him. Could be his stabbing case, or it could be his narcolepsy. Who knows.
CHRIS CHRISTIE: Probably the biggest loudmouth if not for Trump. They went toe to toe when it came to yelling matches but unfortunately his political record just wasn’t strong enough for him to throw all that weight around, figuratively.
RAND PAUL: As far as sexual predators go, Rand Paul definitely didn’t try to grab anyone by the pussy. Too bad he didn’t really grab anyone’s attention either.
CARLY FIORINA: The GOP’s attempt to come up with the first female president. She didn’t really measure up to Clinton or Trump but at least that means she didn’t leak any top secret documents or ruin multiple companies, just the one.
SCOTT WALKER: Not exactly a popular candidate from the get go. Probably had something to do with his rampant anti-union stance. Overall he just didn’t seem like a very trustworthy person, but of course no more than Trump.