Back To School Shopping Tips

Despite the heat, summer is coming to a close. That means more layers and for families across the country, back to school shopping. That’s right, believe it or not the little ones will be back in school learning, hopefully. But due to school budget cuts that means those cuts get passed to you, the parents. With 20 glue sticks or that dozen pre sharpened pencils that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It seems like families have to spend mini fortunes for all the supplies that end up as communal supplies for the whole class.

One of the worst parts of back to school shopping is fighting the crowds. Unless you shop as soon as summer begins then chances are you’ll be dealing with unforgiving crowds. has come up with the ultimate guide for all your back to school shopping needs. Whether it be timing or budgeting, this handy chart will definitely make your back to school shopping a little easier.