This Cat Thinks It’s A Dog And It’s Got Me Hysterical

I guess we can all pretty much agree that people like to have two main types of pets: dogs and cats. Sure, there are a lot of people out there that have iguanas and birds and turtles and all sorts of pets, but most people either have a dog or a cat, or even both (personally, I have a dog and a cat and they get along just fine).

But most people, however, either prefer cats or they prefer dogs. There’s just a separation between these two types of people that keeps on making it to mainstream discussions. Cats and dogs are incredibly different, and that makes people get separated between two categories: dog person, and cat person.

Cats are independent, they just need food, water and some litter to do their business. Other than that, they can pretty much take care of everything they need to without the help of people. Dogs, on the other hand, are a little more demanding and require more attention and regular walks to exercise properly. They are, however, obedient and loyal. When you ask a dog to go get you something he just might go, but when you ask a cat to go get you something, he will probably just stare at you.


Studies have actually been conducted by a lot of people, trying to separate cat people and dog people by identifying differences among them. Among these findings, we can tell that people who tend to prefer dogs are a little bit more likely to use a popular song as a ringtone, while cat people are likelier to have a list of contacts both on the phone and physically.

A recent study actually found that cat people are more intelligent than dog people, but that dog people just might be more loyal. According to the study, people like the animals because they can see something they like in them, and as such they identify these qualities in the animals a little better.

And then there’s Persik. This is a confused little cat that doesn’t really seem to know he is a cat, and as such he acts like a dog – literally. In the video, you can see Persik play fetch with his owner, just like a dog would do. So we need to wonder about Persik’s owner. Is he a dog person, or is he a cat person? Or is he some type of amazing hybrid that goes unseen, while we look at little Persik play fetch?

(Source YouTube)

Persik actually means Peach in Russian, and we can tell that he us surely sweet, just like a peach. What’s more amazing, however, is how well Persik can understand the Russian language. If that owner was talking to me I would just be like “I don’t know, man… I’m going to get some sleep now”.