Incredible Pokemon GO Stories

Pokemon GO is now the most popular app for both iOS and Android. It’s not hard to see why either. Pokemon has been around for over a decade and in that decade they’ve built up a huge following. This mobile app evolution targets fans both new and old. It hasn’t even been out for one full week in the US and the craze is already so high that the number of daily Pokemon GO users has already surpassed that of Snapchat and Twitter. With so many people playing it’s no wonder that there are already some amazing stories, both good and bad, that are coming from players.

The darkest story is probably a group of four people between the ages of 16 to 18 in Missouri terrorizing local Pokemon GO players. They reportedly set lure modules in certain areas to lure Pokemon GO players. They would then drive up in a black BMW and rob players at gunpoint. It hasn’t been clear how many players they robbed but they are now being held by the police on felony charges of first degree robbery. They have been held on $100,000 bail. This just reminds us that we have to be careful of our surroundings and always try to play in groups of friends for safety. Besides, this is more fun when you can all share in the victory or bitter sweet failure of capturing a gym or running into an elusive pokemon.

In slightly more upbeat news, a soldier who was recently shipped to Iraq to take part in operations against ISIS shares his Pokemon GO adventures on social media. He shows that he can catch a squirtle and other pokemon while on patrol for terrorists. There are some people who are sure to become pokemon masters, no matter where or how dangerous it can become. Who knows, he might actually run into some rare pokemon out there that the rest of us can only dream of.

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In complete random news, a girl in Wyoming was playing Pokemon GO. She was at an area hoping to catch a plethora of pokemon. She admits that she wasn’t really paying attention to her surroundings until the pokemon just weren’t biting. She began to actually look at her surroundings while there were no pokemon to catch. She noticed something that looked like a foot sticking out of a marshy area and quickly realized what it was. She quickly called 911 and they launched an investigation. The girl was questioned but they don’t suspect her at all. The police aren’t releasing any information of the investigation so we have no idea whether it was a murder or accidental death.

Speaking of murder, an Uber driver live streamed his Pokemon GO adventure and claimed he witnessed a murder. Alex Ramirez was streaming his adventure to his Youtube channel when he claimed that he witnessed a man dump a body near Trinity Church in Beaumont, Texas. At first his followers thought it was a joke but he insisted it was real and that he had called 911. The police investigated the claim but nothing turned up in the search. Many people now think the entire thing was a hoax. There is no proof that it did or didn’t happen but if it did happen then it looks like Pokemon GO can be a crime fighting tool the Police are seriously underutilizing.

Finally, the greatest Pokemon GO story goes to Nintendo itself. Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of Pokemon GO Nintendo’s value as a company has increased by $7 billion dollars. Pokemon GO is the number one app in both iOS and Android app stores. The number of daily users surpasses that of snapchat and twitter. It’s no wonder they’re making bank.