Injustice for Kesha

Kesha broke down in court Friday the 19th after a judge refused to grant an injunction that would allow her to record music outside of her 6 album contract with Sony. The cause of all this emotional strife comes from the producer that Kesha is forced to work with, Dr. Luke. Kesha has accused Dr. Luke of allegedly raping her shortly after her 18th birthday back in 2006. According to Kesha, he gave her what she now knows to be a date rape drug which caused her to black out. She then remembers waking up in Dr. Luke’s hotel room naked. She then called her mother and said she was raped and had to go to the hospital.

Dr. Luke was never brought up on criminal charges for the alleged rape. But Kesha also reports that his abuse spans further than just the alleged rape. She told the courts that he is generally verbally abusive and often tries to undermine her self confidence. She says she developed bulimia after Dr. Luke called her a “fat f****** refrigerator.” After her court loss fans and stars lined up to show support for her. The hashtag #freekesha has begun to trend on social media and musicians like Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Lorde, Sara Bareilles, just to name a few have all publicly shown their support for Kesha.

Kelly Clarkson who has also worked with Dr. Luke has further substantiated that he is a difficult producer to work with. The contract that is with Sony has stipulated that she record 6 albums with them and most specifically with Dr. Luke for at least 6 tracks per album. Sony has said that they are willing to allow Kesha to record with other producers aside from Dr. Luke but both Kesha and her lawyer believe that since Dr. Luke is Sony’s top producer any work created without him will undoubtedly be far less promoted. In addition, it seems that Dr. Luke is against her working with other producers as well and attempts to keep a firm grip on her.

Ultimately, the courts ruled in favor of Sony. Justice Kornreich who was presiding over the case had this to say about the ruling, “You’re asking the court to decimate a contract that was heavily negotiated and typical for the industry.” Further, Justice Kornreich stated that the nullification of the contract would be massively detrimental to Sony. This is all sad news for the struggling artist. She says that she cannot make a living because the contract keeps her from making any new music unless it’s with Dr. Luke. This is a sad day for music indeed.