Mob Wives’ Big Ang Dies After False Reports

As far as reality television stars go, Angela Raiola or better known as “Big Ang,” definitely doesn’t fit into the traditional mold. She was loud and brash but she was often the favorite of VH1’s Mob Wives. With a heavy heart we must report that Big Ang has unfortunately lost her fight against cancer and has passed away on February 18th. The most unfortunate thing being that she died just hours after people in the media had already written her off. News outlets from all over had already reported her death while she was still very much alive in the hospital.

For those that are diehard fans already know that she was diagnosed with throat cancer last year when doctors found a large tumor in her throat. She endured multiple surgeries to have it fully removed. Her prognosis seemed good and everyone including Big Ang believed she was on the road to recovery. Unfortunately That was a short lived happiness because earlier this year they found stage IV cancer that had spread to her lungs and brain.

Being a reality television star her struggles were made quite public. But, that was never much of a problem with Big Ang. She told Dr. Oz while on his show, “It’s shocking what happened. First I thought I was cancer-free and I was gonna have a big celebration, have a party, and then a month later I [had] stage IV [cancer].” She also said that despite all the drama, everyone was very supportive of her while she was going through all of that. That is, everyone except her husband, Neil Murphy. She said she never felt any real support from him which just caused more distance between the two of them.

Her sister now reveals that the last words she spoke were “I’ll see you later.” Heart breakingly simple, it is just like Big Ang to be nonchalant even in what she probably knew were her final hours. When she finally left us, she was surrounded by friends and loved ones. The show and for many people their lives will never be the same without Big Ang to really tell it like it is. We’ll just have to imagine her somewhere out there saying one final “Love you, my babies!” Rest in peace Big Ang.