Modern Family Star Finally Comes Out About Breast Reduction

There is no denying that there are some very beautiful ladies on Modern Family. But is it possible to be too beautiful? We all know that when the show first started casting they loved the beautiful Sofia Vergara. But they wanted her to get a breast reduction so that it wouldn’t distract from the show. Being the fiery woman she is, she refused. Did she decide to change her mind and go for a more wholesome look? Fear not, she won’t be changing that style of hers anytime soon. So then who else would it be? Judging on the picture below it’s Ariel Winter. But how could that be? She’s just a kid!

The news is true, Ariel Winter got a breast reduction surgery some time ago but has just now come out and talked about it. It was tough as a child star growing up and developing in full view of the adoring public. The show runners tried to hide her development with baggy clothes but that was only a stop gap measure. She is becoming a full fledged woman and it definitely shows. Whenever she appeared on the red carpet all eyes would be on her and her full figure. She worried that people paid more attention to her body than her talent or even the talent of her co-stars. To a certain extent, she definitely had a point.

Finally, last year she reached a tipping point when the pain she was bearing, both figuratively and literally, became too much. She underwent a reduction surgery that took her from a 32F to a 34D cup. While that might not seem like a huge difference, she said it changed her life in more ways than one. Plus, she still looks amazing in a dress. She said one of the main reasons why she underwent the procedure was because her rapid development left her in pain. “I couldn’t sit up straight. It was always super uncomfortable for me to sleep. It was uncomfortable to sit. It was uncomfortable to walk.”

She even recalls a time when she went to the mall with her friends and she broke down in a changing room because she couldn’t even find a bathing suit top that fit her. Having a voluptuous body might seem like a dream come true for many women, but it presents so many other logistical problems especially for a girl just entering womanhood. Today, she says that the pain has greatly been reduced. She is seen on the red carpets with a whole new level of confidence. Her friends and family say that she is the happiest she’s been in a long time. She doesn’t even cover her reduction procedure scars when she wears stunning dresses because she is not ashamed. She wants all women to know that the most important thing is for you to be comfortable in your own skin and not to care so much about what you think society will think of you. Simply amazing, inside and out.