This Free Dive Will Make Underwater Darkness A New Fear

Jacobs well is a one-of-a-kind swimming spot located in Wimberley Texas. The thing that makes Jacobs well so unique is its underwater cave which presents an amazing challenge for free divers. The cave was formed by a spring that flows through Cypress Creek. Although there isn’t much space for the cave there are many divers that take on the dark waters at the entrance almost every year.


If you aren’t a free diver you don’t often have the opportunity to explore underwater caves with safety. Because of the size of the cave. Difficult to go in with scuba gear for maneuverability. Luckily a local free diver donned his wetsuit and took a go pro camera along with him. Nate Mcdonald recently posted this video to YouTube and it certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. Watch him descend deep into Jacobs well and explore the cave before coming back into the swimming hole.

In this video we see McDonald slowly descending into the deep and dark water. You can hear his breathing and the way that he expands his diaphragm to use the maximum amount of air in his body to continue squeezing his way through the cave. This definitely isn’t something that any novice free diver would want to attempt as it’s been reported that roughly 8 people have died exploring Jacobs well. Although he is only down for around a minute and a half its hard to imagine that he was able to discern that far on just one breath of air. See what happens in the depths of this Texas swimming hole in this go pro footage.

(Source YouTube)

Turning up your sound may put you into a bit of the panic hearing Nate’s body gasping for air. This is free diving without the risk.