Single Mother Sings a Beautiful Ballad to the Baby She Nearly Lost-I’m in Tears

A recent video post from You Tube trends worldwide, setting the spotlight to Kimberly Henderson. The You Tube video post of this 26-year-old former Amerrican Idol contestant had become viral after she sang Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know?” to her daughter Vaida. Her post became a boom to the netizens and received a worldwide praise. In the video, she sang a lullaby to her baby after the child was having trouble sleeping. Her powerful song hit more than half a million views and continually attracting many viewers.


Kimberly just recently released a track called “Tiny Hearts” which reflects her own experience as a young, single mom and how her daughter Vaida means everything to her. She also filmed a music video, featuring shots of her daughter accompanying the lovely tune of her song. Her amazing single Tiny Hearts was now available on iTunes which she released the song for sale late last month.

On her recent Facebook page, Miss Henderson opened up about how her faith saved her from giving up her child two years ago. How she decided to abort her pregnancy and how God had saved her from doing such heinous mistake. According to what she wrote, she remembered wearing a soaking wet pink shirt from crying and in her mind she was thinking about what a horrible, horrible decision she would have made until God gave the signs not to finally do it. For a reason, she take a step back to continue the abortion and take the responsibility of being a young parent.

Henderson has been singing and writing since the age of 15, and got pregnant when she was 16 with her very first baby. Her daughter become her strength to continue her life’s journey. Her child also become her inspiration of her track ‘Tiny Hearts’. After her breathtaking cover of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” and few weeks of viral fame, her original track went to success. Since then, she’s been flown around the country to meet song writers and record label in L.A and New York City leading her to the center stage where she records for a company called Coco Kids.

From just a simple video, her heart captivating song brought her to internet stardom. What is more amazing about this beautiful ballad is that she wrote the song in only 24 hours’ time. The song focuses on her motherly love and experiences as a single parent that truly comes from the heart. The first verse even describes her earliest month as a young mother to her baby girl.

(Source YouTube)

Behind her achievement Henderson says “My friends are doing normal things like going to the movies and on dates and out on the weekends and I’m at home,”. “I felt like I was missing out on something, but coming home to her and being with her gave my life more meaning.” For her success is nothing if she won’t have her daughter beside her.